Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Divine Balancing Pole

The pace of life can be so overwhelming. So many needs and demands are placed on women that it's sometimes difficult to remember what's most important in life. We get so involved with day to day  resposibilities that we sometimes forget the big picture. perhaps you feel as if you were placed on this earth to make peanut-butter sandwiches and Kool-Aid. Or that your existence is based on meeting a corporate agenda. Whatever your situation, know this: Everything you do is significant. But it isn't the checkmarks on your "To Do" list that prove your effectiveness. The manner in which you accomplish those tasks is what counts. With each phone call you make and every handshake you deliver, you impact someone's life. With every face you scrub clean, your touch sends a message. Whatever your role in life, determine to let your actions communicate warmth and compassion. When every deed is done from your heart, your life is more than a title or job description. You become an effective ambassador of God's love.

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